What Clients Are Saying

"For the past seven years, Bill provided CIO consulting services to help our team reduce complexity and improve our overall security posture. Bill also performed strategic acquisition assessments and assisted with our IT planning and budgeting. We enjoyed working with Bill."
Kim G
“Our experience with Bill started a handful of years ago, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner. The banking landscape has changed tremendously over the past 10-15 years, with the emphasis on IT and technology becoming a top priority amongst our regulators. Bill’s background, experience, and guidance in IT have allowed us to focus on banking while he focused on the many requirements set before us: Information Security, IT Policies and Procedures, vendor management, audits, exams, remediation tracking, budgeting, BCP, Cyber threat assessments and board reporting. Not only did Bill bring us to regulatory standards, but he also continued to guide us for future adaptation in the ever-changing world of IT. Simply put, we would not have been able to experience our growth and prosperity without the help of Bill as our CIO. MinnStar Bank has very much enjoyed working with Bill in this capacity.”
Mark M
“Bill was an integral part in BWB reducing its network complexity, saving IT costs while improving its security posture and reducing its IT risk.”
Sarah K
“Bill has been our Trusted IT advisor/CIO for over 5 years while we have grown 300%. Our IT needs have changed greatly and Bill has kept us on track with what we need for IT and Information Security. Bill has advised us and communicated with our Board of Directors to improve our strategic IT systems and security posture immensely.”
Greg S
"For over four years Bill has provided valuable guidance action as our fractional CIO providing IT planning, guidance, remediation tracking and follow through, examiner assistance, and board level annual IT communication translating tech reporting and speaking to business needs.”
Robert R
"For 17 years, Bill did an awesome job, cost-effectively managing our IT as CIO planning infrastructure, information security, vendor management, governance, internal IT staff management, audit planning, and annual board communications.”
Dick P