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With cio365, you get over 35 years of C-Suite IT leadership on your team. As an independent, trusted IT advisor, we cover security, compliance, budget, infrastructure, and strategy from end to end. What you don’t get is the burden of the C-Level comp package. And that makes your IT budget go a lot farther.

CiO365 provides you with the skills, experience, and vision you would expect from a Chief Information Officer within a reasonable fixed monthly fee. Our services start with a rigorous IT assessment, an infrastructure evaluation, and a review of IT policies. This allows us to define the strengths or weaknesses of your IT and plan around any gaps in your network, security, and  business continuity plan.

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From solution design to implementation, your IT needs are secured. 

Procurement & Logistics Management

Procurement and logistics management are critical functions for businesses, and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a key role in helping to improve these areas.  CIO365 has developed independent relationships built over 35 years with preferred partners ensure the most cost effective and efficient solutions are delivered. CIO365 can help to streamline procurement and logistics processes by implementing technology solutions, analyzing data, and collaborating with other departments and external partners. We can also use data analysis to identify areas where procurement and logistics can be improved, optimize the entire supply chain, and keep the procurement and logistics processes secure from cyber threats. By focusing on these areas, CIO365 can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction for the business.


Implementation of Service Selection and Management

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the overall technology strategy and implementation of an organization. One aspect of this role is the implementation of service selection and management. This involves identifying and selecting the necessary technology services to support the organization’s goals and objectives, as well as managing and maintaining those services to ensure they are meeting the needs of the organization. This can include tasks such as evaluating and selecting vendors, negotiating service level agreements, and overseeing the deployment and operation of the services. CIO365 may also, if needed, assist existing staff, or take on the responsibility for ensuring that the services are aligned with the organization’s overall IT strategy, and that they are being used effectively and efficiently.



CIO optimization services are consulting or management services provided to organizations to optimize the performance and efficiency of their technology systems and processes. CIO365 can help with optimization by developing IT strategy, managing IT operations, creating technology roadmaps, ensuring IT governance and compliance, implementing cost optimization measures, and using data analytics and business intelligence for informed decision-making.


Access Control

CIO365 can help with access control by implementing security measures and procedures to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information and systems. This can include implementing user authentication and authorization, establishing role-based access controls, creating and maintaining access control policies, regularly monitoring and reviewing access controls, educating employees on security best practices and implementing network segmentation.


Solution Design

Solution design refers to the process of creating and implementing technology solutions that align with a company’s business objectives and strategy. This includes identifying and assessing potential solutions, evaluating their feasibility and cost-effectiveness, and creating a detailed plan for implementation and ongoing maintenance. CIO365 works closely with other executives and department heads to understand their needs and ensure that the solutions they design meet the organization’s goals and objectives.


Operations Support

CIO365 plays a key role in operations support by overseeing the management and maintenance of a company’s technology infrastructure, providing technical support to other departments and employees, troubleshooting and resolving issues, implementing updates and upgrades, monitoring and tracking IT performance, ensuring IT security, implementing IT governance, ensuring IT compliance and managing IT risks. We work to align the company’s IT operations with its overall business strategies and goals, and strive to keep systems running smoothly and efficiently to minimize downtime and disruption to operations.


Asset Management

CIO365 can help with asset management by maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets, tracking, and managing them effectively, optimizing their use, protecting them with security measures, disposing of them securely, implementing software to automate the asset management process, and working with the financial department to manage IT assets in a budget-conscious manner. CIO365 can help the company to make informed decisions about purchasing and upgrading assets, ensure that resources are being used efficiently and effectively, and protect the company’s IT investments.

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Ongoing consulting, planning, and management add continuity to your IT.

Strategy & Consulting

CIO (Chief Information Officer) strategy and consulting support refer to services that help organizations develop and implement their information technology (IT) strategies and plans. These services typically involve assessments of the organization’s current IT landscape, identifying areas for improvement, and developing roadmaps for the future. The goal of CIO strategy and consulting support is to help organizations align their technology initiatives with their business goals and drive digital transformation. This support can come from in-house IT teams, external consulting firms, or a combination of both.


IT Audit Coordination

IT Audit Coordination support involves providing assistance to the CIO in managing and coordinating information technology (IT) audits. This may include preparing for the audit, collecting and organizing information and data, communicating with stakeholders, and ensuring that IT systems and processes are in compliance with audit standards and regulations. The goal of CIO IT Audit Coordination support is to help ensure that the organization’s IT systems and operations are efficient, effective, and secure.


IT Planning Vision

CIO-365 supports the IT planning vision by defining IT priorities, developing a roadmap, allocating resources, building partnerships, and continuously monitoring and adjusting the plan to align with business goals.


Lifecycle Management

CIO lifecycle management refers to the process of managing the information technology (IT) assets of an organization throughout their entire life cycle. This includes acquiring, deploying, maintaining, and disposing of IT assets in a manner that supports business goals and objectives. The goal of CIO lifecycle management is to optimize the value and performance of IT assets while minimizing costs and risks. Key activities in the CIO lifecycle management process include requirements gathering, procurement, implementation, maintenance and support, and retirement.


Evaluating IT General Controls

We support businesses by evaluating IT general controls by providing governance, ensuring system security, conducting audits, participating in risk assessments, ensuring compliance, establishing incident response plans, providing training, and maintaining system effectiveness through testing and updates.


IT Risk Assessments

CIO-365 IT risk assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s information technology systems, processes, and data, with the goal of identifying potential security and operational risks and determining strategies to mitigate or manage them. The assessment typically includes an examination of current infrastructure, business processes, data storage and management practices, and technology and security policies. The outcome of the assessment is a report that highlights areas of risk and provides recommendations for improvement.

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Face any threat with training, testing, vulnerability assessments, and review.

Cyber Risk Policy Review

Cyber Readiness Assessments

Security Training

Vulnerability Assessments

Information Technology Audits

Information Security Assessments

Penetration Testing

Strategic Technology Planning

New Department Development

Disaster Recovery Planning

Policy Creation

Social Engineering Assessments

Network Security Best Practices

Core Banking Selection

Risk Assessments

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Strategic IT direction with oversight, tracking, and reporting.

Strategic IT Plan and Governance

Vendor Oversight and Selection

Remediation Tracking

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Be ready for anything and always one step ahead.

Reviewing Policies and Procedures

Report Review and Monitoring

IT Risk Assessments
Vendor Due Diligence

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